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Brain Storm Bakery, Coming Soon

Dear 'Regular' Customer,

We hope you have been well.  This has been such a crazy year!  Despite the challenges facing us individually and collectively, we're optimistic that there are brighter days ahead, and that we will eventually overcome these trials together.  We have faith in the power of good will, and there is more of that in this world than we hear about in the news.  Stay strong!

We have a bit of our own good news to share: after 13 years doing what we do, our business has evolved from selling just one flavor of granola at a farmer's market to a full-fledged granola empire, expanding into a couple hundred stores, launching our own coffee shop, and branching out into new product lines.  What's more, we are also in the process of moving to a new production facility/retail bakery (opening late spring of 2021) in downtown Ely, MN.  We couldn't be happier!  All along the way, what has kept us going is YOU.  Our dear customers have made this all possible and we thank you for your support over the years.  

In order to accommodate these changes and consolidate all of our offerings into one place, we are going to begin phasing out www.crapola.us in the coming months, and ask that you make note of our new website (www.brainstormbakery.com).  At this new site you'll still be able to order our same granola products, plus you'll be the first to see our new product launches.  We're working on some great products for next year!  We'll also keep you posted on progress at our new facility, and let you know when it's open to the public.

Thanks again for your continued support! 
Team Crapola